Guatemalan Beer: Chelada or Michelada?

Guatemalan Beer: Chelada or Michelada?

Chelada or Michelada, or which ever way you have them, Guatemalan beers are so refreshing! 😉

How many Guatemalan beers can you name? How many different Guatemalan beers have you tried? What’s your favorite Guatemalan beer?

Ephemerides Aside: 34 years ago today Guatemala had the most devastating earthquake of its recent history. On February 4th, 1976 Guatemala experienced a 7.5 earthquake that killed over 24,000 and injured over 77,000 Guatemalans and changed Guatemala forever. Read all the details and about it at ClimaYa.Com and the eye-witness interview to Kara Andrade’s abuelita at; both great readings.

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  • Last one first: Moza.
    I have tried: Moza, Gallo, Cabro, Monte Carlo, Brava Extra.
    I know there is also Victoria, Brava Beats, Brava, and there used to be Aguila Dorada.
    And I lament they stopped making the apple beer before I was able to try it.
    PS. Thank you Rudy for fixin’ the prob.

  • Boy, do i remember that earthquake. I was very young but i never forgot that night 🙁
    The pic looks so refreshing.

  • my hubby says he likes Gallo the best 🙂 Interesting fact about the earthquake, I had written about it on my blog shortly after the Haiti quake. I asked my husband and my ex husband, both Guatemalans-about their perspective of the big one that hit Guatemala in 1976. Both were young boys, but both remember it clearly. My current hubby was living in Sansur, Palencia at the time and my ex spouse in the city Zona 18. The tales from both were tragic, but the city folk fared far worse in my opinion. Both were extremely poor growing up, Jose’s adobe type home in Sansur did not collapse, but many others did. Demetrio’s home in the city was nothing more than a two room shack, which suffered some damage but was repairable. Now their families live in the block type homes in the city, and they worry constantly whenever there is an earthquake close to home. I will be in Guatemala in June for the first time and can’t wait to visit Antigua, your photos on this blog really bring the city to life for me 🙂

  • Eric

    Although I have tried Gallo, whenever I have the opportunity, the only word I can seem to utter is “Moza!” So far, Moza es mi favorita. I see there are so many,many more brands to try, however. Good excuse for an extended visit to the vortex, no ?