Front View of Iglesia de La Merced

Front View of Iglesia de La Merced

Even though I have shown quite a few photos of Iglesia de La Merced, I believe this is the first time I actually show you the entire front façade of La Merced church. Oops, sorry! I guess my approach is to skip the obvious shots at first and to share with you less common angles or perspectives. Over one year and half had past before I published the first photo of Calle del Arco. I hope you don’t mind seeing other parts of town or perspectives first. 😉

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  • Love it! When in Antigua I always stay just down the street from La Merced, so seeing it here makes me feel at home.

  • It looks like a wedding cake! Amazing church!

  • A very beautiful church – love the color and architectural details! How about a look inside, too…

  • Rob

    What a beautiful church!

  • All those Baroque details are really interesting up-close as well (hint, hint 😉

  • @Braaad, if you want to see all the different photos, even the up-close detials, of Iglesia de la Merced, just follow the links provided as Tags: Iglesia de La Merced, La Merced Church at the end of the entry. You will find several close-up photos displaying the baroque details. Hint, hint… 😉

  • susan

    i really love this view…as an artist and lover of architecture, any view of antigua’s churches is appreciated, especially love this.

  • Eric

    This view is impressive, but I wonder, Sr. Giron…are you really trying to show us a different perspective, or is it just a good excuse to get doblados from the lady behind you? And isn’t Hector’s…just…to…your…right…? Ja-ja-ja! Nice attempt at getting the full-on awesomeness of La Merced in one frame. I gave up on that years ago, pero a usted … bien hecho!.

    • @Eric, oh boy oh boy, nothing gets passed you, my friend. I guess you caught me right on the act. Of course, a couple of Mozas at Hector’s is a good decision after taken some photos of La Merced, don’t you agree?

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments.