The Cucurucho and The Photographer

The Cucurucho and The Photographer

Okay, we have a new dialogue game. Those of you who have followed AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while know the rules. This simple image will allow us to play a creative game. Taking the two men as our characters we will write up one of many conceivable dialogues as the interaction between them. To get ideas or inspiration check out these previous entries: Arch-framed Women in Jocotenango and Opposite ends of life #2. The best dialogue will receive this photo as 4″x6″ post card.

Good luck to all the participants!

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  • Tina C

    Does this tunic make me look fat?

  • Erick

    Photographer: Did you hear about Ricky Martin?
    Cucurucho: Ay si, ya me contaron tu.

  • Erin

    ¡Apurate con la foto pues! tal vez las patojas me confunden con Omar Sharif…

  • Max

    Cucurucho al fotografo:

    No te hagas el loco con la cámara y mejor veníme a dar una mano con el balcón que ya no aguanto más!!

  • MO

    Fotografo al cucurucho:
    Vos Neto, por ahi me contaron que tu apodo es Saddam Hussein.

  • MO

    Cucurucho al fotografo:
    Puchica vos Rafa, con razon estas todo chiviado, la camara de ese serote es mas grande que la tuya.

  • Stephanie

    Wow! I love this photo! I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it’s the panoply of images — the cucurucho and the photographer wearing such different clothing and in such different poses, the crumbling look of the brick wall, the stop sign and one-way sign, the little bit of street along the right edge, etc. There is SO MUCH going on in the photo, but at the same time it catches a quiet moment where they both are pausing from what one can only imagine was a day of lots of walking, activity and noise.

  • … And the winner is @Erick with comment about Ricky Martin. Please send me your mailing address through the contact form. Many thanks to all participants.

  • kathy

    I’m too late but my caption would be

    Can you tell me what f-stop is best for capturing the Romans?

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