Arch-framed Women in Jocotenango

Arch-framed women in Jocotenango

The building of the municipalidad (city hall) is a yellow building with simple arches, lots of them. The arches provide great photo opportunities, like in this case where two women were caught by the viewfinder in one of those fleeting moments.

This is very simple image will allow us to play a creative game. Taking the two women as our characters we will write up one of many conceivable dialogues as the interaction between them. This would be similar to what we did in Opposite Ends of Life #2, which you should look at and read to get an idea. The apparent age difference could be used to set the pair as mother and daughter or sisters or simply co-workers of the newly opened Subway; it is up to you. I will submit the first plausible dialogue.

Backpacker girl
Mami, Jhon Daniel is not answering his cel phone…
Skeptic mother
Ay mija! I’m telling you I don’t like this boy. What kind of name is Jhon anyway?
Backpacker girl
Má… I told you already, we kids don’t have a saying about what kind of names you parents chose for us.
Skeptic mother
Mija, still Jhon is so pretentious and foreign… Juan Daniel sounds better to me. Anyway try to call him again.
Backpacker girl
For sure I will not name my first son Jhon, I rather use Cristhian Jeovani. Gosh! he doesn’t answer.
Skeptic mother
See, Cristhian Jeovani is más bonito (prettier) and sounds better too.
Backpacker girl
Okay mami… Jhon Daniel just answered and he said that he couldn’t respond his phone before because he got the job at the new pizza stand on the drive thru of Pollo Campero.
Skeptic mother
Va pues, at least he’s good enough to get a job!

What is your reading of the photograph above? What sort of story can you invent for the scene above?

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Manolo

    Right side lady (RSL) Hey look at that creep with his fancy camera…
    cellphone girl(CG) Don’t look at him right now, I am callin’ the cops…
    RSLNow that he is closer looks kinda cute…
    CG I dunno I still going to do like I am calling someone so he doesn’t start talking to us…

  • Manolo, that is very good and fast. Your dialogue goes more inline with the voyeurism aspect of this site that I was talking about in Alto, watch this corner… entry. BTW, when are you coming for the 360 degree turn?

  • Manolo

    The virtues of Grad School procrastination/multi-tasking… about the 360-degree turn pues it might take a while… but next summer might be the time to do it… by then I will be prepared by either the end of the universe or finding true happiness (or both, because they have equal likelihood and they are not mutually exclusive)…

  • Wow Manolo, the last comment sounds like text from the The Hickhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Manolo

    Last comment for today… I promise… Haven’t read the book/but saw the movie/and loved it. Actually now that I re-read my comment I noticed a pure ESL mistake: instead of *by it should have been *for, although the “by” would be nicer because that would imply that either (or both) events would have happened before next Summer. Ah, and the lofty-speak is too much reading psych and stats and c&*p like that.

    After all, what is the meaning of life? 🙂

  • sompopo

    You could look at it as a before and after shot. 🙂

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