Holy Week Play in Antigua Guatemala

Dialogue between the actors

You think Antigua Guatemala is just processions for the Semana Santa? Wrong. There is more… there are also plays, like this one. This play was being performed parallel to the procession of La Merced this past Sunday.

Can you tell what’s the play all about?

text and photos by Arturo Godoy. Check out Arturo’s portfolio to purchase photos from his massive photographic bank.

On two of the actors Dialogue between the actors 2
Sympathy for the Devil Baptism

© 2010 – 2016, Arturo Godoy. All rights reserved.

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  • Manolo

    The Passion of the Christ (c mel gibson inc.)

  • Erick

    @Manolo: That’s a great movie, at least in my opinion. The actors speaking in Aramaic was icing on the cake.

  • @Manolo, 🙂 weeeeell, for a moment I thought you’d comment something like the last temptation of Christ 🙂 I just saw this last one, and of course the actors here in Antigua. Even though I’m not religious, the performances of the actors was great!!!

    @Erick, Mel Gibson try to keep the same line when filming Apocalipto… I don’t know how biased is The Passion of Christ, but Apocalipto is incredibly biased. The only close to reality thing in the movie, given many archaeologists friends that I have, is the dresses. Other than that, it is just another Hollywood movie… 🙁

  • Erick

    @Arturo: Have you seen the movie yet? I don’t know enough about the making of the film to contradict or agree with your statement, but my opinion was based on the entertainment factor, not on a religious or validity factor. I guess I was entertained, and that was good enough for me. 🙂 On a similar note, I have heard about how Gibson did take some “creative liberties” with the making of Apocalypto (like most directors do when making these type of films) — and having seen the film I actually agree, but I also really hope that people are not getting their history lessons from Hollywood movies…. if that’s the case, then we have a much bigger issue in our hands. 😉

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  • @Erick, I haven’t seen “The Passion of Christ” yet, but I will… On Apocalypto, it is sometimes sad when people have approached me and asked on the validity of things. So, imagine my time trying to explain Maya Archaeology when I am not an archaeologist, 🙂 There is a Scottish friend that has a great time telling his anecdotes on “Braveheart”, which was a great movie too, but only as a movie. Anyway, ys, there are bigger issues in this sense.

    @GlobalVoicesOnline, yes, it is far more… Not just a tradition, in a very cultural way, it’s a lot of anthropology, sociology, even psychology I’d even say… It is indeed far more.