Oriental Chicken with Coconut Curry

Oriental Chicken with Coconut Sauce

I continue my quest of showing you how cosmopolitan La Antigua Guatemala has really become. Today’s entry was listed as Oriental chicken with coconut curry and rice. To me it tasted very much like Tom Kha Gai but without the hot chili.

Guess where I had this wonderful meal!

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  • Wait for me, wait for me! Ahh, that looks so delicious!

  • David

    Please tell me! I’ll be back in August and it looks like a place to check out.

    • @David, the name of the restaurant is La Esquina, which is located on the corner of 6a calle poniente and 5a avenida sur. Click the exclamation mark on the last sentence of the entry to see it on a map. 😉

      • David

        Thanks, Rudy! I haven’t been there before so I’ll be sure to go this time.