Squeezing A Corner

Squeezing A Corner

Today’s photo and Colonial Church Ruins Within My Fingers were the result of fortunate accident. Let me explain. I was playing around with the fish eye adapter donated by my good friends Michele and Eddie trying to capture entire churches within a frame at a close distance. Unfortunately the fish eye extension creates soft edges and has a little distortion as well. So, I take the photos with and without the fish eye lens. In one instance, while removing the adapter I unscrewed only half of the piece which basically consists of two lens, the fish eye and a macro which lets you focus on the fish eye. A wow was my immediate response as I saw the ruins of San José El Viejo completely engulfed by the fish eye lens. I took four shots in total, two were discarded because they were out of focus. And that’s how these two photos came to be.

Now, I have received requests to photographs other churches in a similar fashion. I will take some time in May to go around the churches, ruins or buildings that you request and turn it into a series. It is up to you what will show up in this coming series.

Once again I thank Eddie and Michele and all other supporters of AntiguaDailyPhoto for helping with equipment and donations so I can bring new and fresh vistas from the same old town that we all love.

4th year anniversary reminder: We are two days away from reaching four years of daily photos from La Antigua Guatemala. It has been quite a ride. To be completely honest with you, I did not think I was going to be able to keep it up for even thirty days. I am glad I was wrong and happy for the opportunity to share with you my particular point of view about La Antigua and Guatemala and its people and culture. You and I have created an amazing resource, an unparalleled multimedia blogumentary in English about Guatemalans and our unique lifestyle. I thank all of you for your comments, feedback and support along each stretch of this journey.

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