4th Year Anniversary of AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com

Eat Your Torta and Have It Too!

Cutting a cake for an anniversary is quite commom through out the world, including Guatemala, however, here we also have an alternative: La Torta, this huge sweet bread, takes the place of the cake for many Guatemalan families. The sweet Guatemalan bread in this picture comes from a very popular bakery in La Antigua Guatemala by the name of San Antonio, which stills uses brick ovens and wooden logs. The bread is baked freshly twice a day from the best recipes of La Antigua Guatemala, the culinary capital of Guatemala.

On the first anniversary of AntiguaDailyPhoto I shared my goals with you:

My idea was to show the good, the bad and the ugly of this colonial town. I did not want to make a touristic site for the most popular touristic destination in Central America. La Antigua Guatemala is photogenic, so my goal has been a bit difficult. But I have tried to show other aspects of life which I did not see cover in other sites. Also, I wanted to ‘own’ a venue for practicing my inadequate written English and amateur photographic skills. Three hundred and seventy-six posts later I have improved neither; it’s so pathetic. On the other hand, I have gained a great deal of knowledge about this town and many good friends (even if they don’t see eye-to-eye on the issues we talked about here). What can I say, they’re are all wrong!

On the second anniversary of AntiguaDailyPhoto I reflected upon the concept of milestones:

Every time humans arrive at a milestone, we tend to review what we have traveled thus far. Two years of consecutive blogging is not much or even important in the big scale of things. Nonetheless, it is a big achievement for me since I have never done anything like this before. I am very happy to have reached this time mark and to have helped others in the process. I thank all my regular visitors for your support, comments, feedback and donations.

On the third anniversary of AntiguaDailyPhoto, I came to the conclusion that I was too wordy and nobody cares for long entries anymore or so I thought.

On the third year, AntiguaDailyPhoto became polyphonic with new guest author contributions which enriched and enhanced the blogumentary. Each guest author brought wonderful new perspective, photography and style. I was honored to have been given their trust. Also, I was happy to have opened the doors of AntiguaDailyPhoto to guest contributors.

For the fourth anniversary I ask again the following questions: what does AntiguaDailyPhoto mean to you? What kind of themes you care about? Do you prefer entries with lots of information or just the picture and a brief caption? Do you care for music, videos and maps that accompany the photos and information? Have you had enough food images? Should I leave out all the controversial and politics out? Should I focus more or less on the people, landscape, animals, idiosyncrasies of Guatemalans? What else should I be asking?

© 2010 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Happy anniversary dude!

  • Erin

    Have a happy, happy birthday …and maaaaaany more!

  • Sandra

    I can’t believe it has been 4 years. Rudy, you are doing a fantastic job. Don’t change a thing. I like the landscape and architecture pictures but prefer the entries that capture the culture and daily life.
    HAPPY 4th ANIVERSARY ADP. ♫♫•*¨♫`*•´♫☆♫

  • Armando Garcia

    Estimado Rudy:

    Felicidades por estos cuatro años de trabajo, quiero desearle muchos éxitos y esperamos que como siempre nos siga impactando con esas imagenes que día a día nos muestra de nuestra linda y querida Antigua. Siga adelante!!!!

    Un abrazo
    Armando García

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Rudy – Happy Anniversary! Please keep going… do not change a thing. I love the landscapes, the intimate view of your beautiful city, gaining a better understanding of your neighbors. Oh, and the politics… I love that best of all. Please do not ever be silenced.
    You provide everyone a mini vacation daily with your site and I am sure that we all look forward to many more pictures, descriptions, and healthy discourse in the comment section.
    Come-on everyone that reads daily – I challenge you to show Rudy some Love today!

  • Rudy, I discovered your blog as soon as I returned from a too-short 4 day trip to Guatemala in May 2006. Through your camera lens, you’ve taught me so much about the place that I fell in love with so quickly. I especially appreciate when you write your thougths, observations, opinions, and give information about your subjects. You’ve given me true affection for the marimba through the music you’ve posted, & you’ve taken me on virtual trips back to La Antigua Guatemala through your videos and sound clips. You’ve challenged my ideas about Guatemala, and surprised me with the breadth of culture in your little city. Your blog is like a little vacation every day. Thank you so much for the 4 years of absolute pleasure. You never disappoint; this is a big accomplishment! Congratulations, and please don’t stop.

  • Manolo

    Sapo verde eres tu!!! I think today’s post merits a soundtrack with “What am I to you?” by Norah Jones… just sayin’
    Un abrazo desde el caluroso Toronto!

  • Congrats on your 4th birthday Rudy. Your blog is great and sets the bar for others to aspire to.

    I love everything about it – the guest bloggers, the politics, the eccentricities and especially the food photos (which makes my Guatemalan wife extremely home sick!).

    As I’ve said before, you are the inspiration behind my daily blog. Here’s to the next 12 months – ¡Salud!

  • What does AntiguaDailyPhoto mean to you?
    Un reflejo de mi linda Antigua, además, enriquecedor con los textos descriptivos y sus observaciones.

    What kind of themes you care about?
    Me gustaría proponer uno que refleje la necesidad y deber de cuidar nuestro patrimonio, siempre he pensado que necesitamos más botes de basura, no sé en qué categoría entraría :S es una idea.

    Do you prefer entries with lots of information or just the picture and a brief caption?
    Ambas, hay casos en los que la información complementa la imagen, quizá para todos aquellos que no tienen el placer de vivir acá es mejor, igual hay cosas que escribes que no sé y aprendo algo; y hay imágenes que dicen más que mil palabras 🙂

    Do you care for music, videos and maps that accompany the photos and information?
    Sí, música que de un agregado, algo con lo que se relacione el post, los videos también!

    Have you had enough food images?
    Es la segunda categoría más grande, perfecto!, la gastronomía guatemalteca y antigüeña no puede pasar desapercibida, entre otras que ha publicado sobre comida.

    Should I leave out all the controversial and politics out?
    A mi gusto, sí, no me veo comentando sobre política acá,

    Should I focus more or less on the people, landscape, animals, idiosyncrasies of Guatemalans?
    Más de lo que hay aún se puede 🙂

    Te felicito Rudy, por los cuatro años de belleza visual que muestras acá, sigue adelante!

  • NicWirtz

    A belated congratulations Rudy. As our American friends might chant “Four more years!”

    Please do not leave out controversial or political posts. You promised us the good, the bad and the ugly!

  • Eric

    Pensamientos sobre LAGDP? Una breva cuenta… Four years ago (it will be four years ago this September, to be exact), I finally pulled together what was left of a shattered life (no mucho, de verdad) and decided to step out of my cozy, ‘nothing-ever-happens world’ here in el Norte to see Central America for myself. But I never made it out of Guatemala. Why? Well, the people are too friendly, the food is too delicious, the scenery is too spectacular, and I made too many friends for life. Pobre mio! The problem was, I had to return to los EEUU, and when I did, I had to ask myself,”was it all real?” I mean, volcanoes full of water, colonial-era cities that look like they have been frozen in time, and of course, the ingenious, patient, and hospitable Chapines – it had to be a dream, or a once-in-a-lifetime event. LAGDP has kept me reminded that it was NOT a dream, it’s all real,and it’s been right under my nose for a very long time.
    So, what does LAGDP mean to me? It keeps me connected to someplace that I can only visit on occasion(so far),it stays faithful to its charter, ‘to show a realistic slice of everyday life in La Antigua’,and constantly feeds my curiosity to know more (latest entry in the notebook – “Panderia San Antonio…Mmmmm!”
    Felicitaciones Rudy! Keep up the politics/short entries/ long entries/people/fiestas/locals/turistas/food pics going,and save me a seat at Hector’s…I hope to be back for a visit soon.

  • Erick

    I was going to wish you a “Sapo Verde!” but Manolo beat me to it, and although I’m a bit late to the party, I did want to say congratulation on your 4th year! I think you do a great job with this site and the pictures/blog entries take me back to so many wonderful memories I have of Guatemala and my childhood.

    I’ve always enjoy the food and people pictures, so I say keep those going. I would like to see more of the inside of churches and ruins. I don’t think you should stay away from controversial/political topics, hopefully everyone can remain civil and respect others’ opinions, but you are bound to have a few heated arguments here and there, it happens. You’ve done an awesome job so far and thanks for sharing all those images/thoughts with us.

  • sjbj

    AntiguaDailyPhoto in an invaluable way to maintain our connection to Guatemala, until we can visit again.
    We love the themes that capture daily life–people, places, culture, activities, idiosyncracies, etc. This includes controversy and politics. We love your just showing us what you see and think.
    Love the music, videos and maps.
    NEVER enough food!!

  • sjbj

    PS, THANK YOU and happy anniversary!!

  • Luis Samayoa

    Feliz Aniversario. Antiguadailyphoto.com keeps close to the City where I will retire in two more years. La Antigua Guatemala won’t be a strange place for me thanks to your work.

    Gracias for the effort.

  • rworange

    I found your amazing and wonderful blog when I moved to Guatemala last month. It has been my survival guide.

    Do not change a thing. You should publish a book because this type of information is not easily found anywhere.

    Despite living in the sticks of Masagua, I have been able to fill in the details of my life using your site.

    My Spanish is still limited and my husband speaks limited English. We communicate, but the details are often missing.

    I learned about pilas, grazinadas, tamales, holiday food, etc. etc. etc Yesterday a sompopo de Mayo showed up and I was happy to learn more about it from your site.

    Despite knowing the family of my husband over 15 years, I could never pin down exactly what Guatemalan cuisine was about.

    I have been keeping track of what I am eating with the family on a daily basis in Guatemala on a food forum. It is mainly for my own insight. Every time I google to find out what I am eating, your site usually pops up and often it is the only one.

    Please keep the comments. I would even expand on them, but I am a wordy person. And thanks to the many comments from readers which have supplemented my education.

    Next week we are going to Antigua and I will be using your site as a guide as well as eating at some of the wonderful coffee shops (hate Nescafe), bakeries, candy stores … and Queso and Vino for pizza.

    Looking forward to trying the ceviche you wrote about in nearby Esquintla

    Happy anniversary and many, many more.

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  • Carolyn

    In 2003 I was privileged to travel to Guatemala City and then into the rural areas and also to Antigua.  What a joy this trip was!  One fond memory are the little sweet quick bread (not sure if there was yeast, likely baking powder) type of buns that would come from the bakery fresh.  The dough was fashioned with a slight twist on the top before baked.  I would love this recipe and a photo of them.