Antigua Churches: Iglesia San José El Viejo

Antigua Churches: Iglesia San José El Viejo

Some of the former colonial churches are now used as venues for events like graduations, weddings, quinceañeras, etc. Such is the case of Iglesia San José El Viejo ruins which you may remember were used as the stage for the Violoncello recital by Yan Levionnois in the Free Culture entry back August 30, 2009.

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  • norm kwallek

    What is the new building going to be for that is going up in the side yard, I was guessing a kitchen but I saw no sewer connects when they were putting in the foundations.

  • Gino

    I saw a wedding when I was there the place look awesome I was very impressed.
    The lighting was done well it was magical there were many tourist outside taking photos and wishing they were invited to this mystical event.