Tuk Tuk Toy

Tuk Tuk Toy

Believe it or not, the tuk tuk motorcycles which are used as short-run taxis, tourist police patrols units and grocery delivery vehicles are now part of the Guatemalan traditions and culture; so, now the three-wheeled motorized vehicles are showing up in unexpected places.

In the pictures above however, the tuk tuk has its revenge against the infamous chicken bus. In the parking lot above, the tuk tuk can park wherever it wants. 😉

Have you taken a ride in a Guatemalan tuk tuk mototaxi yet? How was it?

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  • Oh no the attack of the 10 ft tuk tuk!

  • Shelley

    I’m going to have to have one of those for my toy collection!

  • Erin

    That is absolutely cute!
    My only tuk-tuk ride was in Antigua Guatemala, December 2006, chasing a Posada…

  • Luis

    On my vacation in La Antigua Guatemala I always walk from my house to “La Bodegona” but I always take a tuk-tuk to return with my groceries. Cinco Quetzales one way trip not bad. The only time I don’t ride a tuk-tuk is if my lower back is not in good shape, I rather walk.

  • Eric

    I’ve had a few tuk-tuk rides out by the Lake – my favorite was the day I got lost wandering back streets and alleyways, thinking I had wandered halfway to the Mexican border, super-tired and very thirsty. All I did was shout,”Dios mio, donde estoy?!?”, and a tuk-tuk miraculously appeared. I was pretty far away from my destination, so Q6 seemed like a bargain. Sometimes, it’s good to have those 14-yr-old moto-demonios following you through the streets…. 🙂

  • Gini

    My hubs and I rode tuk-tuks in Santiago Atitlán and a bit in Panajachel. They were fun! Surprisingly sturdy-feeling. It was really cool to chat with the driver with the wind in my hair and see the road so close to me. 😀