El Foot Bool Une Fronteras y Razas

El Foot Bool Une Fronteras y Razas

Foot Bool with the African spelling is how the people of San Pedro Las Huertas want to let everyone know that the World Cup of Foot Ball (not the U.S. meaning) brings borders and people together.

The World Cup is now everywhere; of course that if you live a sheltered life in the U.S., you might not be aware of it. 😉 See the World Cup of Foot Ball is truly the only sport contest that can use the word World since every country in the world gets a chance to participate and win the world cup. This is also the first time I see all TOP TEN trending topics in Twitter are about just one subject, the World Cup 2010.

With these photos I am happy to report that the people of San Pedro Las Huertas are back on their feet after having survived the floods and lahars caused by the tropical storm Agatha; which hit the town only two weeks ago. Today, San Pedro Las Huertas celebrated their annual Beauty Pageant with five different carrozas, parade floats, themes. San Pedro Las Huertas is also getting ready to celebrate their annual town fair; which I covered extensively two years ago in the series Guatemalan Fair. I recommend you browse all the posts related to Guatemalan Fair to refresh or to learn how Guatemalans celebrate their Patron Saint day.

El Foot Bool Une Fronteras y Razas - Abercrombie El Foot Bool Une Fronteras y Razas 2

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  • Quoting Carmencita’s fbstatus: If football was a religion there wouldn’t be no atheists. Toronto is full of flags and people with “footy” shirts. Even though Canada is not in the World Cup Finals, more than half of Torontonians (and torontecos) are foreign born.

  • Eric

    I and all of my cool friends are watching the World Cup. Around here, there is more coverage of the World Cup than there is of the NBA finals. And we’re IN the NBA finals !
    Thanks for the festival info and the photos, Rudy. Pues, every day in Guatemala is a beauty pageant. Ay, mis liiiiiindas….. 😉

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