Rainy Season Vistas: Rain Drops and Chiles

Rainy Season Vistas: Rain Drops and Chiles

Here’s a follow up image to Rain Drops, which because of the extreme close-up was unclear that you were looking at a chili. Today’s image also shows you the benefits that come with the rainy season, an abundance of green and the fruits of Earth.

Have you ever wonder why Guatemala is so exuberant green?

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  • erica

    Rudy, that’s a very nice pic! Any chance you can make this into a wallpaper?

  • Eric

    A great variety of greens in this pic, Rudy. Wow, I wish the chile plants grew that big waaay up here (or maybe they do, and I have no gardening skills whatsover). Having only been to Guatemala during the rainy season, I don’t doubt why it is so green…although I wish the clouds would spread their rain a bit more evenly over the whole country. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine there can be areas of drought when I’m being soaked by an aguacero in the mountains…daily….

  • Cristina

    Estos chiles estan buenos para un ceviche levantamuertos, clasico de sabado…