Guatemalan Coffee-sacks-style Satchels

Guatemalan Coffee-sacks-style Satchels by Rudy Girón

These Guatemalan coffee-style satchels are perfect for coffee lovers… and they are ecological too since they’re made from recycled coffee sacks. Besides these Guatemalan morrales, the Spanish word for satchel, you can also find bags, purses, and backpacks made from the recycled coffee sacks.

Last time I talked about these recycled coffee satchel I received several inquiries about exporting these kind of bags to Europe, Canada and the United States. I wonder if I should look into since there seems to be a great appeal for them. What do you think? would you buy satchels, bags, purses or backpacks made from this recycled material?

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  • Seth H. Owusu

    Hi,I live in London, and I’d be interested if you decided to export those bags to Europe. Please let me know the prices.

    • Jozemr

      hi there, i live in colombia, if your interested in some of theses items, we got plenty of them ..made by coffee sacks around the world. contact me if you wish.

  • I wish I had seen these when I was there! Very cool. I would buy one. And, thank you for including the handsome rastafarian in this photo. A mi me gusta 🙂

  • Jeannine

    … I will come to Antigua in April and would love to buy those bags. Can you tell me in which shop I can find them please ?

    • Juanmawho

      The store is called Juan Platero on Calle del Arco, between the arc and “La Merced” church.

      • @Juanmawho, thanks for sharing the name of the store. I was sure you guys would come forward with the name of the store.

  • rworange

    I think they would sell, but you would have better sales in alliance with a coffee company such as Peet’s or Starbucks where they could sell them in a shop.

    In the US, the better places would be coffee-centric areas such as Seattle or the SF Bay Area. Smaller coffee roasters such as Cole’s in Oakland that have a big student crowd would be a good choice.

    If you are serious about this, email me and I can give you the names of some coffee shops in the SF area that might be contacted … but only if you would work with Fernando to also export his fabulous chocolate covered coffee beans. I need my supply of those when I go back home.

  • Stephanie

    Personally, they’re not my style — But I know a lot of people who would definitely buy them!

  • Lisa

    I have had the pleasure of meeting the young woman who makes these bags. You can learn more about her here, and you can also order them directly via this website.

    The photo was taken at Juan Platero, one of my favorite shops in Antigua. Very nice one of a kind jewelry pieces as well.

  • JBN

    Guatemalan recycled coffee bags are already quite common in the States. Here’s a Google search result that shows you who, what, and where.

  • JBN
  • Jeannine

    …. just been to the shop yesterday and bought 2 bags. Love them ;o) !! The girl from Latvia in the store didn’t even know about Antiguadailyphoto. Tld her to check it out.. Got some great bags thanks to this entry !! Thanks very much !!

    • @Jeannine, I am glad we can share ideas of Guatemalan things to take back home. Also, thanks so much for letting people know about AntiguaDailyPhoto. Best wishes for the rest of your trip.