Guatemalan Candies and Nuts

Guatemalan Candies and Nuts by Rudy Girón

Okay, it’s Friday and it’s time to give a free post card away again. Today’s game is very simple: the person that can name the most typical candies and nuts in Spanish from the photo above, wins this photo as a post card, which I will mail using the snail-mail postal service, including the Guatemalan postal stamps.

Good luck to all participants!

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Betty (pura panza verde)

    Hey Rudy, i will be waiting for my post card. Here is my list of names for candies and nuts above: alboroto, mazapan, chancaca, melcocha, manias, habas, pepitas, cocadas, higos, chilacayote, tartaritas, gomitas, cocadas in multiple flavors and the list goes on but, i think i got enough to earn my postcard so bring it on paisano.

    • @Betty, okay, you really know your candy. I will send you an email requesting your mailing address. Stay tune!

  • Betty

    oh yeah, colochitos, botellitas de azucar, canillitas de leche, pescaditos and coyoles en miel. Well i am sure they have coyoles if not they should.

  • scott

    hey Rudy, better send her a card. She knows her stuff…:)