Temporary Parking Lots

Temporary Parking Lot by Rudy A. Girón

Of course the parking problems get aggravated when there are events in Antigua Guatemala and thousands of people are expected to arrive. Then, any available spaces becomes a temporary parking lots. With this entry we finish the mini series about the parking problems of Antigua Guatemala. Let me know your thoughts about it.

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  • Ruth

    I think that since Antigua is such a beautiful town all the motor vichicles should stay outside the city limits. There should be parking lots outside the limits and create more jobs by having small foot transportation in the city for a small charge. I have walked Antigua many many times & there is soo much I would not have seen if I was in a car.

    • I agree with you Ruth. As a matter of fact, quite a few people think the same. There’s a “plan de ordenamiento territorial” or territorial reorganizing plan that I have seen that has pedestrian streets in Antigua Guatemala as one of the goals.