Photo Walks in Antigua Guatemala

Photo Walks in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

You know, I have toyed with the idea of giving one-day and/or one-week photo workshops in Antigua Guatemala taking advantage of my over six-year experience photographing the most enchanting and photogenic city in Central America. I have even considered the one-week photographic workshops to be all inclusive. Well, for now, take a look at

What do you guys think, would there be people interested in taking hands on photo workshops in Antigua Guatemala?

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  • Myrna

    Interesting! I don’t see any woman in the group U_U

    • There were women, not too many, but there were. But, good eye Myrna.

    • There were women, not too many, but there were. But, good eye Myrna.

  • NYChapin

    very mucho, I’m sure….

    How about a 2 or 3 day weekend workshop? you can also combine it with a culinary tour and stop for lunch at some of LADP favorite joints.


    • Good ideas NYChapin, maybe I should offer one-day and one-weekend photo workshops. The gastronomy tour is also a good complement.

      • Eric

        You know, Rudy, this is something we have in common: any visit with you in your town (just like any visit with me in mine) turns into a gastronomy tour.  Ja-ja-ja!  Nos dos con nuestras prioridades en orden !

        • Well Eric, I know for sure that’s how I do it in Antigua Guatemala, but not sure about your city since you haven’t invited me yet. I’m sure there are a few authentic fighting Irish joints where you live, right?

          • Eric

            -Sigh-  Rudy, most of the Irish left my city a few years ago, when the new immigration rules were enforced. I’m afraid that nowadays, the Irish bars are staffed by brasilenos, nigerians, and students from Ohio, and the ‘authentic’ parts have long since vanished.  However, if you’re ever up this way again, and you’d like a taste of comida autentica de Mexico, El Salvador, o Cuba, give me a call.  That, or we can meet in Dublin sometime…ja-ja-ja! 

  • Chuck Clark

    I’m up for it, Rudy.  I’ll be there in July for two weeks.  How do I contact you?

    • Hi Chuck, through the contact form or write to editor@, I’m sure we can arrange something.


  • Eric

    Sounds great, Rudy, but I still haven’t been bitten by the “shutter bug” (see “Mental Pictures over at XDP).  I do appreciate all the great work of the Antigua Photo Club, though, and greatly admire everyone’s efforts.  I think I am a better patron than I am a participant.  😀