Jogging Around Antigua Guatemala

Jogging Around Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

If you are the kind of person that enjoys jogging or riding a bicycle, the roads around Antigua Guatemala provide an excellent opportunity to exercise and enjoy the green lush vegetation, colorful flowers, the aroma of the coffee and gravileas trees while inhaling some of the freshest air you can find in Guatemala. Of course, walking is another option. I recommend the road that takes you to San Juan del Obispo about 5 km from Antigua Guatemala; the climb that takes you to Guatemala City; as well as the road that takes to Finca Filadelfia in San Felipe de Jesús.

Have you walked or jogged around Antigua Guatemala before, what was your favorite route?

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  • NYChapin

    I can’t get enough of the streets of Antigua, especiallly early in the am when all the locals are running their mandandos ( and all the locos are sleeping off their gallos) Last time, I started a loop at the mercado de Artesanias, down 1a Calle Poniente, zig zag my way to the Mercedes’s parked outside Posada Santo Domingo, back down on 4a Calle to Parque Central, where I think I saw Rudy taking a picture of some canchitas. Along the way I made a few stops to drink a Rocky style oj with huevo and a black coffee at Condesa.

  • Luis

    Rudy, every morning during my vacation in LAG I run the same loop. 5a. Avenida Sur from 9a. Calle Poniente (Calle Sucia) to the end (at Callejon del Calvario) passing in front of el Calvario to come back on 4a. Avenida Sur to Calle Sucia. Couple of times this loop makes you enjoy your morning. The streets have very few cars and are wide enough to allow for vehicles. If you run it around 6am you are guranteed that the only other people you see are fellow runners.
    This coming August I’ll try doing the routes you are suggesting.

    • Thanks Luis for the suggestion of the loops. Hope to see you in August.