Walking Is Still The Best Way to Get to Know Antigua

Walking Is Still The Best Way to Get to Know Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

As I mentioned in “Nobody walks in LA…” in Antigua Guatemala is the opposite. People enjoy walking and with such small grid (about 10×10 block), you can certainly do just about all your chores faster by walking than by driving. Besides many blocks are one-way only which means you have to drive four to six blocks to park your car half-a-block away. Besides the utilitarian walks, people tend to take strolls and to see people and talk to friends and acquaintances on the streets.

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  • Buzz

    I’m often amused on weekends to see people who drive to Antigua for the privilege of driving around looking for a place to park. Walking is clearly the way to go.

    I’m also surprised that some enterprising person doesn’t open a parqueo outside town and provide regular shuttle service into Antigua. It might help make Antigua a pleasant place to be on weekends, instead of a Central American version of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.

    It would also help, to preserve the colonial atmosphere, to prohibit private automobiles within, let’s say, two blocks of Parque Central. Taxi cabs and tuk-tuks should probably be granted an exception, however, since they are local.

    Antigua is a beautiful place, let’s not turn it into a clogged freeway!

    • Believe it or not Buzz, just about everything you mentioned is on the new plan de ordenamiento, new order plan, for Antigua Guatemala. Let’s just hope they begin work on it right away, as of yesterday if possible.