Typical firewood logs load carrier

Rudy Giron: AntiguaDailyPhoto.com &emdash; Typical wood log load carrier

I am surprised and at awe when I see people in Guatemala carry loads much heavier than their own weight such as in this case where this man carries a load of firewood, leña we call it here, that is a plain sight much heavier than him.

Could you carry such a load? I know I couldn’t if I my life depend on it.

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  • El Canche

    Guatemala has some of the most resilient people I have ever seen…..when I used to drive up to a property we have in El Encinal, Mixco, guys like this would carry wood for kilometers uphill every day…it would kill me! Maybe my easy life will kill me before their hard life kills them; who knows! I’d rather be like them.

    • Hi Canche, I’m sure my easy life will kill me before their hard life kills them. 🙁

      El 19/01/2013, a las 17:49, Disqus escribió:

  • Eric

    I could, but only because it would seem to be a game, at first…then I would get frustrated, and carry the load one time out of spite…then when I realized I would have to do it again, maybe I would quit ! It has been a long time since I have had to work as hard as the firewood cutters…gracias a Dios !