First Photos of the Eruptions of Fuego Volcano taken from Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: 130303 Fuego Erupting &emdash;

Here are the first images I taken of the recent eruptions of Volcán de Fuego taken from Antigua Guatemala tonight. I was alerted by Norman Avila of through a tweet about Fuego volcano erupting and within minutes I was taken this photographs of the fireworks show put up by colossal volcano located about 20 kilometres south west of Antigua Guatemala.

Here are additional photos of Fuego volcano erupting. Enjoy!

Rudy Giron: 130303 Fuego Erupting &emdash;

Rudy Giron: 130303 Fuego Erupting &emdash;

Rudy Giron: 130303 Fuego Erupting &emdash;

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Wow, beautiful images.

    • Thanks Ray, I am glad you like our natural fireworks show.

  • Anne Gerhardt

    Extraordinary photos! Fuego has never erupted when I’ve actually been in Antigua. I would love to be there now!

    • Once I met a couple who were in Guatemala for six weeks and few times during the time in Antigua Guatemala and not once they were able to see the volcanoes around La Antigua since it just happens to be cloudy for them.

  • Eric

    Beautiful shots, Rudy ! There were a few visits in which Fuego gave me a ‘parting salute’, with a low rumble and a puff of smoke, but nothing like this. And like Ray, I like your ‘natural fireworks show’ very much !

  • Erick!

    That is a pretty darn cool display by Mother Nature, great shots!

  • Margaret

    This was awesome! I arrived in Antigua the day before the erruption and got to see this amazing display from the rooftop of our hotel! Antigua is in my heart. I visit your site on a regular basis! Love it!

    • Thanks Margaret for your kind words and support.