Perpetuating The Holy Week Traditions in Antigua Guatemala No. 2

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Perpetuating The Holy Week Traditions in Antigua Guatemala 2

As I mentioned yesterday, there will be Lent and Holy Week celebrations in Antigua Guatemala for a long while. These religious traditions are being passed on to the very young. Here we see young cucuruchos, bearers, as they carried the small float from the Cathedral. I recorded a small video clip with the iPhone to give you an idea of the sounds and feel of the small processions.

If you had the opportunity, would you wear a robe and carry one of the floats?

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  • Eric

    This is a beautiful and inspirational custom, Rudy, but carrying the float is not for me. Only because it seems more of a ‘local pride’ thing, you know ? This is something that chapines can call their own, and as much as I feel at home in the land of eternal spring, I’d feel like I was a part of something I didn’t truly understand. Maybe it’s just me…?

  • Erick!

    I would definitely do it, but similar to Eric’s sentiments, I’d also be afraid that I’m disrespecting the culture or not doing it for the “right” reasons; having said that…I would still do it.

    Silly question…where do they get their robes? Does the church sell them or are there certain stores where they get them?