Street Portraiture in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Street Portraiture in Antigua Guatemala

Another goal that I set for myself this year is to do many more street portraits of locals and visitors alike. I want to share the faces of the people I meet and perhaps a tiny bit about their lives. For instance, I took the portrait of this couple who were sitting together working on the frame they are holding in their hands. I was across the street and while I cross it, I set the camera setting as I approach them. I took a few photos, but this one with the smile was my favourite.

As I mentioned last Friday with the street portrait of contemporary photographer Eny Roland, street portraits is another category I will be focusing in this year. Stay tuned for more updates! I recommend that you sign up to receive notification via email of the updates by filling in your email address on the form on top of the side bar [below the search form]. Also, please follow us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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  • NYChapin

    Awesome Rudy! For someone who was ready to throw in the towel on ADP, you sure have started the year with a storm of creativity. Based on the hand gesture of the gentleman, I would add a subtitle : “hay tiempo para mas”

    • Well, NYChapin, you guys inspire me, what can I say.

  • Eric

    Rudy, is this the couple that run a furniture shop about 6 blocks away from the plaza mayor, going toward Volcan Agua? I believe it is; I still have their business card with me. Wonderful people, and fantastic furniture in their shop. They told me that I need a house nearby, so that their sons can supply me with furniture. A tempting proposition!

    • Yes Eric, what are you waiting for, life is too damn short and time stops for no one.

      • Eric

        Fijate, ‘mano: Life is very short, but I have just finished helping my Mom recover from a bit of an ‘economic drought’, and the travel fund is very, very low. The current plan is to work very, very hard for a few months, and then return to Guatelinda during the wet season (looks like I will miss the dry season yet again). Maybe I stay for a few weeks, maybe I never return to the ‘corner pocket’. Saber? Counting Eric ‘out’ is never, ever a good thing….ha-ha-ha!