Don’t Miss The 2nd National Orchid Exhibition in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Orchids &emdash; Muestra de la Exposición Nacional de Orquídeas en Antigua Guatemala

Did you know that Guatemalan’s National Flower, the Monja Blanca [white nun] is an orchid? If you like orchids, flowers or gardening, Guatemala is paradise since you indulge in your passion year round. Seven hundred species of orchids out of 1,000 are actually native to Guatemala.

I did some photos of orchids as part the coverage of the 2nd National Orchid Exhibition in Antigua Guatemala where over 800 orchids are on displays for the next four days at the Museo de Arte Colonial, formerly the building of the Universidad de San Carlos de Borromeo. As part of the photo taking process I learned that Guatemala has over 700 native species of orchids. That number makes Guatemala THE orchid country.

If you can read Spanish and would like to learn how these photographs were made, visit my post about orchids and how to photograph them with a light sandwich.

If you would like to look at larger version of these orchids or to purchase a high quality print, visit my orchid gallery at:

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  • El Canche

    I knew Guatemala was a great orchid country and it is my favourite flower. I believe there is an orchid club in Antigua? Your picture selection is fabulous…the black background is incredibly effective at creating clarity in each image. The focus is completely on the stark, clean image itself with no visual distraction. Amazing how so much light cuts through as well.

  • MinnieAtura

    These Guatemalan orchids are gorgeous, but this article needs a few corrections:

    There are over 20-25,000 known species of orchids in the world, not just 1,000. In fact, each genus in the orchid family contains at least 1,000 described species!

    Guatemala is also very lucky to have over 800 species (not necessarily endemic–many of these are found across Central America), but there are many countries with more. If there is an “orchid country,” it is Ecuador, with 4,000 described species! And as more tropical countries are explored, more species are sure to be discovered.Colombia has almost add many as Ecuador, and New Guinea and Brazil are not far behind with about 3,000 species each.


    • Thank you MinnieAtura for such excellent clarifications. I only repeated what I was told. I am glad you came to set the record straight.