The Finish Line Las Rosas Half Marathon of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Las Rosas Half Marathon of Antigua Guatemala

This is the vista from the runners perspective of the finish line of the half marathon of Las Rosas this Sunday morning. There were lots of things going on this Sunday in Antigua Guatemala besides the half-marathon, such a food fair, a marimba concert, photo walks again with another group of the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, a piano recital sponsored by the French Alliance. Of course, there were weddings as well this weekend, mime performances and just about every thing you expect to see on a weekend. All in all, it was a great weekend to be in Antigua Guatemala, with almost no rain and lots of sunshine.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Las Rosas Half Marathon Runner Taking Pictures

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  • Michele Stucky

    Do you know where we can get race results for the 2014 Las Rosas half marathon?

    • Here are the results of the 2014 Las Rosas half marathon:


      Categoría Libre Masculina

      • 1er. Lugar Elisha Chumo/Tiempo 1:06:18
      • 2do. Lugar Mario Pacay/Tiempo 1:06:33
      • 3er. Lugar José Raxón/Tiempo 1:06:34

      Categoría Libre Femenina

      • 1er. Lugar Merlin Chalí/Tiempo 1:18:15
      • 2do. Lugar Leah Kigen/Tiempo 1:20:01
      • 3er. Lugar Judy Kimugi/Tiempo 1:21:00

      Categoría Master Femenina

      • 1er. Lugar Elsa Ruiz/Tiempo 1:29: 16
      • 2do. Lugar Bertha González/Tiempo 1:34:41
      • 3er. Lugar Norma Ovando/Tiempo 1:36:40