What Makes A Guatemalan Breakfast?

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Guatemalan Breakfast

Come on everyone, share with the rest of us what do you think are the key ingredients necessary for turning any breakfast into a Guatemalan breakfast?

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  • NYChapin

    One “buen provecho”, three slow ” rubbing of the palm of hands”, a quick snap of the ” tipica napking” and lots of laughs ! ( Optional: you can sprinkle a few “puchicas” y ” fijate vos” )

  • Itzul

    Depends on how strict we are about “Guatemalan” – for instance, as much as I love them, a croissant??? No. Just, no. “Pan frances” is what you want instead, if not tortillas (a falta de pan, tortilla!). The tortilla chips are a more recent addition, in my opinion.

  • frijolero

    Simple. Frijoles, huevos, cream, queso, tortillas, y chimol.

    • I guess the consensus is that it should include frijoles negros, huevos, chirmol and tortillas at least.