Visual Guatemalan Guacamol Recipe

Here’s a simple visual recipe for the Guatemala guacamol or avocado sauce. That’s right in Guatemala we drop the final e of guacamole. My variation on the Guatemalan recipe is the red onion instead of white onion and using sea sal instead of regular salt. If you are wondering about the herb, that’s dried oregano and juice is from limes. That’s it, mix it all up and bon appetite!

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Guacamol guatemalteco

© 2014, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Luis

    The only thing I never use in my guacamole is lemon.

    A question. Why do you call lime at the lemon. I think we Guatemalans call it lemon to either the yellow or green kind). I have heard only mexicans call it lime (lima). In Guatemal if you go to the market and ask for a “lima” you’ll get something different.

    • CiousCious

      Hola Luis. My belief is that the lack of that big, yellow, juicy ¨lemon¨ in Guatemala is why Guatemalans associate it with the sweeter fruit lima. According to people I have asked, Guatemalans that is, they are only familiar with the persa limón. It is small, green, and a bit more acidic and shaper to the tongue than the big yellow one. The majority of departamentos in Guate seems to grow in majority the persa kind so I´d imagine that´s why Guatemalans frown in surprize when someone tells them that´s the little green one is called Lima and the big yellow one (the Citrus limon) is called Limón. Ha! ∞