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Guatemalan turrones

In Guatemala, turrón or meringue is the word for well-beaten egg whites and sugar. Now, what’s the difference between merengue and meringue? …

Guatemalan Chupetes

Today’s picture is an unusual perspective, perhaps even an original take on the chupetes which are normally photographed like this. Well, you …

Cotton Candy Vendor

When was the last time you had cotton candy? If you’re visiting Guatemala now or live here, chances are you will encounter …


Guatemalan Comfort Food: Mole

The mole from Guatemala is very similar to mole poblano, which is a chocolate and chili based sauce (over simplification of the …


Guatemalan Buñuelos Recipe

We have to thank Erin, loyal and long-time reader from AntiguaDailyPhoto, for the buñuelos recipe you see below. Erin shared with us …


Banana or Peach Dessert?

So, what would you like for postre (dessert) today? Here are two choices based on fruits very popular in Guatemala: Bananas and …


Colorful Guatemalan Torrejas

The food served at fair stands is becoming more colorful. Not too long ago I showed you black pupusas at Feast of …


Guatemalan Cotton Candy

Algodones are another very popular Christmas comfort candy found in town fair, church atriums and around plazas and parks. Algodón is the …


Buñuelos: Guatemalan Comfort Foods for December

Guatemalan buñuelos are kind like round French toast and they are served with a lot hot syrup made from water, sugar, anís (anise), cinnamon sticks, all-spice just to name the main ingredients.

Buñuelos are one of the most popular Guatemalan comfort foods for December. If you follow the white rabbit, you can browse some of the other comfort foods found at town fairs in December; of course, some of these comfort foods are found all year round.


Guatemalan Desserts: Corbatas

Corbatas are fried flour-based crunchy dessert soaked in syrup or honey. Corbatas take their name from the shape they are cooked into. …


Guatemalan Sweets Stand

I posted a photo showing some of the Guatemalan sweets on November 1. Today, I am showing you the booth of the …


Guatemalan Sweets Sampler

In Guatemala we celebrate Día de Todos Los Santos (All Saints Day) on November 1 and Día de Los Fieles Difuntos (Day …