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Korean Decor in Antigua Guatemala

I never get tired of recommending people to enter every shop, restaurant, hotel, building with public access in Antigua Guatemala to find …


Antigua Guatemala Color Palette

The official color palette endorsed and enforced by the Consejo Nacional para la Protección de La Antigua Guatemala, CNPAG, the national protection …


Paint Jobs in Antigua Guatemala

Often times it feels that the walls of Antigua Guatemala are always being painted. I know some houses that are painted once …


Amarillo La Merced

Here’s a quick note just let you guys know I have started making photos of the official color palette of La Antigua …

Color Palette: Blue

It’s been a while since I updated the color palette category and since there are so many house now with new paint …


Guatemalan Chinchines or Sonajas

The sonajas or maracas take on a different name in Guatemala, they are called chinchines; an onomatopoeia (onomatopeya in Spanish). Generally, Guatemalan …