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The aesthetics of abandonment by Rudy Girón

The aesthetic of abandonment

If there ever it was a place where abandonment looks good that would be La Antigua Guatemala, which by the way is …

Strawberry Fields Forever

Here’s the strawberry fields forever ambulant vendor. Everyday he picks the fields to bring the freshest fresas to Antigua Guatemala. Basket in …

Garden Wall at Sabe Rico

Here’s yet another photograph of a garden wall taken at Sabe Rico restaurant in Antigua Guatemala. As I have said in previous …

There Goes 2008

That’s it. As the sun sets today we will be waving goodbye to 2008. I want to take this opportunity to thank …

Before Sunset in La Antigua Guatemala

The quality of the sunset light during the winter months in La Antigua Guatemala is the best of the year. Almost anything you photograph has this warm feel. If you are in Antigua now, click away like crazy. Even a simple shadow can be warmth, don’t you think so?