Guatemalan Cuisine: Chiles rellenos


In Mesoamerica, many dishes have the same name but are not the same dishes. Chiles rellenos from Guatemala are different than the Mexican chiles rellenos. So, it is with enchiladas and quesadillas, just to throw two names which might be familiar to you.

Guatemalan chiles rellenos are basically, stuffed chillis, normally bell pepers, jalapeño peppers, and huaque (sp?), depends mostly on what is on season and how spicy you want your chiles rellenos. The stuff in Guatemalan chiles rellenos is a mixture of minced meat, carrots, green beans and other spices; all of that covered in an egg batter, and fried.

In the picture, you can see two chiles rellenos served over two black maize tortillas, rice, mashed avocado, and two slices of the pitaya fruit (the pinkish fruit).

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