Guatemalan dolls

Guatemalan dolls

Color is everywhere in La Antigua Guatemala. Color is on the walls, on the flora and the fauna, on the sky, on the parks, on the people, on the food, et-cetera. Why would toys be any different? Here are mini Guatemalan dolls for your refrigerator. I take orders. 😉

There is even an entry on Wikipedia about Guatemalan Worry doll. They are world-famous judging by Google results. They are even therapeutic according to Jay Cross.

Remainder: The Daily Photo Family will be running the Doorways of the World theme September 1st. Make sure to come back tomorrow to have a listing of the participating cities around the world. Also, do not miss it, I have a great photo to crown myself as The Best Doorway of the day (Sorry Nuno and MarieMcc, you guys haven’t got a chance). 🙂

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