Independence Day: Flags are everywhere

Flagman in Antigua

The Guatemala’s Independence Day is the 15th of September. Guatemalans have many ways to display their patriotism, flags is one of them. The problem with the Guatemalan flag is that they come in all different shades of blue. There is even an article in the Guatemalan Constitution that describes exactly what a flag should look like, but this information does not trickle down to flag makers and retailers. As you can see Mr. Bush, this “trickle down” theory does not work (or was it Mr. Reagan; I don’t recall…). So, what shade of blue is the Guatemalan flag, come on, are you going to tell us? Of course, it is sky blue.

In the next few days, I will be posting photos of the different patriotic manifestations that originate from the Independence Day.

My apologies for posting so late today, September 11th. I have several reasons for the delay; one of them is that today is/was my birthday.

Does your city gets plastered with flags around Independence Day?

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