Run Lolo, Run

Run lolo run

Hurry home, run rapidly, the witches are watching. Lolo, you must put on your costume to go out for trick-n-treating. It is Halloween in La Antigua Guatemala.

Side note about the photo: the house that serves as backdrop for the running kid belonged to Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt (Saint Brother Peter of Betancourt), which is Central America’s only Saint. I have posted a couple of entries before about Hermano Pedro de Betancourt who was born in Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1626. I will post a close-up view of the sign on the wall later this week.

Update about the illegal billboard: Less than two weeks ago I told you about an illegal billboard just outside of Antigua and how it was not going to last. Well, I am happy to report the billboard is gone now.

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