Illegal billboard

Illegal billboard

One of the benefits of living in or around La Antigua Guatemala is the lack of billboards. Isn’t weird that I start the paragraph describing the absence of billboards around Antigua (really, it is more like bragging), then I show you the very one thing I just said we didn’t have. Well, let me brag one more time my dear visitors and friends: No large outdoor signboard are allowed within 4 kilometers of the entrances to La Antigua. By the way, in Guatemala the word for billboard advertising is valla publicitaria.

This valla is within 1.5 km from Antigua’s entrance, on the road to the Ciudad Vieja. Just day before yesterday, I saw some workers come and put up the advertising board, and I knew instantly that this billboard would not last. They put another billboard at this very same location before, just on the other side of the road and that was taken down pretty fast.

So, yesterday, on my way to work, I stopped next to it to take a photo of the billboard before it is taken off. I really enjoy the roads without billboards, but this is reality that I can only experience around Antigua. The rest of the country is plastered, up and down every road with huge billboards.

What is the situation about large boards with outdoor advertising in your little corner of the world?

Update about the illegal billboard:
Well, I am happy to report the billboard is gone now. The billboard lasted less than two weeks since today is October 31st.

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  • Around Alexandria, I don’t think there are any billboards. Once you get out onto the interstate highways, though, you’ll see them, particularly the further you are from large urban centers. President Johnson’s wife in the 1960s made it her mission to beautify America and encourage the banning of highway billboards as much as possibly. Three cheers for Lady Bird Johnson!

  • sompopo

    Here in Atlanta Georgia USA there are billboards everywhere, period..

  • Obviously there are a ton around here in Guatemala City, and my favorite is one for a company called “Rent-a-Husband” – not for what you first might think, it’s actually for a handyman service, I think…

  • What a cute bus ! Concerning the billboard, I suggest you have a look at Edwin’s post on October 17 th from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). In France, billboards are allowed, provided they do not enforce the law. I think that in a way, ad billboards should not mix with roadsigns.

  • anemiagoleata

    🙂 The natural photo of the new arrival, taken by Emma Tallulah’s dad,

  • Luis Samayoa

    While browsing to show my friend the City where I am retiring, we came to this post that shows the ad for the residential complex where I bought my house in La Antigua Guatemala. It is located on 9a. calle poniente and 5a. avenida. Since the complex has been sold out for a while I am guessing the billboard on the highway does not exist anymore.

    Saludos desde Hayward in California.

    • @Luis, the billboard was taken down only a week later after I first initially reported it. So, am I going to get a chance to see your house this upcoming August? 😉