Here lived Fray Pedro de San José Betancourt sign


The sign reads: Here lived Fray Pedro de San José Betancourt, apostle of charity. Born in Tenerife in March [21], 1626. Died here the 25th of April of 1667.

So who was this character who has inspired so many people and that eventually became a Saint? First, here are the entries in Antigua Daily Photo related to Santo Hermano Pedro, as he is known now. Back on October 25th, I posted a forged metal lamp with his image.

Known as the “St. Francis of the Americas,” Pedro de Betancourt worked and died in Guatemala. Pedro was born into a poor family on Tenerife in the Canary Islands in 1626. He worked as a shepherd until age 24, when he began to make his way to Guatemala, hoping to connect with a relative engaged in government service there. By the time he reached Havana, Cuba he was out of money. After working there to earn more, he got to Guatemala City the following year. When he arrived he was so destitute that he joined the bread line which the Franciscans had established… As quoted from Wikipedia (click to continue reading).

If you want to see the sign in context, please turn to this image and this other image as well. If you care to see what Tenerife, his born-place, looks like now, please visit Pamela’s excellent Tenerife Daily Photo.

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