Comal Selling In Antigua

Selling Comales while Watching the show

No, we aren’t talking about Comal County around the San Antonio area in Texas (Click the link to visit San Antonio Daily Photo). We are talking about the griddle or grill made from cooked clay that is used for cooking tortillas or quesadillas. The comales seen here, the round clay-discs in the back, are beginning to disappear in favor of modern comales made from metal and heated through gas. Wood is used as fuel with the traditional Guatemalan comal (click the link to see a photo wood piles).

According to the information found in Wikipedia, the comal dates back to the Pre-Columbian era when maize was grounded by stone, made into tortillas, then filled with whatever was available. More recently the comal has found its way into the modern kitchen as part of the stove top.

Please, come back tomorrow for a photo of the tortilla-making process as it is done in Guatemala nowadays.

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