El Calvario Church in Antigua Guatemala

Calvario Arch with Water Volcano

El Calvario Church, located to the south of La Antigua Guatemala, is another famous landmark, yet it only took me 290 entries and over 350 photos to show it to you. There are many reason to the fame of La iglesia de El Calvario, but three I will mention here. First and foremost is its relevance to the processions of Holy Week in Guatemala. Being El Calvario Church the last Station of the Cross, thus the place for the culmination of the Holy Week celebrations, which lasts over 40 days long. Second is the fact that in its garden was planted the Esquisúchil tree in 1657 by the Holy Saint Hermano Pedro de San José de Betancourt, Central America’s only Saint. The Esquisúchil tree has aromatic flowers and it is believed to have curative powers. This specific tree at El Calvario Church was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in 2004 (Source: Prensa Libre). Last but not least is its exquisite architecture and mustard-yellow color.

Can you tell me the name of the volcano that can be seen in the background? Check the last two days entries for a hint (January 16th, 17th) or the photos in the Volcanoes category.

Today’s entry is number 290 so far and we will begin a countdown to post 300th. Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo has received 94,390 visits and I am going to need your help to reach the 100,000 landmark visit before or on the 300th entry. Please, send the link of this site everyday to your friends and family for the next ten days and explain to them what we are trying to achieve. I will send the best ten photos (4″x6″) of this site to the person that makes the first comment after the 100,000 visit. Pamela’s comment is number 4,384 on my last revision of the site. I thank you all for your wonderful comments and feedback so far. By the way, the Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo opened its door on May 1st, 2006.

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