Framed Bicycle

Framed bicycle

Although this image is not as impressive as photo of the kid caught in the mid-air stride in Run Lolo, Run, it is nonetheless a good capture since the bicycle-rider is framed. The house, that serves as backdrop and frame, belonged to Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt (Saint Brother Peter of Betancourt), which is Central America’s only Saint. I have posted a couple of entries before about Hermano Pedro de Betancourt who was born in Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1626. I noticed that I like framing my subjects, in action, against a static rectangle in a wall or doorway as you can see in one of my favorite shots: Framed Shadow.

Countdown side note: Today’s entry is number 296 so far and we continue with a countdown to post 300th. In the days before today, I promised that I would send the best ten photos (4″x6″) from Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo to the person who left the first comment after the 100,000 visit. Well, sometime today we received the 100,000 visit, but I did not notice it until now (sorry! I was way too busy). There are now 100,590 visit according to the stats counter. The last two comments belong to Luggi-Foeger, from Los Angeles Daily Photo and Santy, from Jakarta Daily Photo and to be fair I don’t know who made the first comment after the 100K mark, so I will extend the contest to both of them only. The first of them who come to make a comment will receive the 10 photos. Good luck to both of them and I thank all of you for helping the Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo get past the 100,000-visit milestone.

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