Francisco Marroquí­n at School of Saint Thomas

Francisco Marroquí­n

No, this is not the bust of Lenin. This is the sculpture of Francisco Marroquin, Bishop to Guatemala in 16th century, and founder of the third university in the American continent under the name of School of Saint Thomas, today Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC). The School of Saint Thomas, Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomás in Spanish, was founded in La Antigua Guatemala on October 20th, 1620, over 50 years after his initial request of March 9th, 1562. This sculpture of Francisco Marroquí­n is located in the Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomás in La Antigua Guatemala; under the bust his testament and wish can be read in old Spanish:

Quiero y es mi voluntad (I want and it is my wish)
que sea de dicho Colegio (to become of such School)
desde agora para siempre jamás (from now and forever and ever)
y que lo hagan poco a poco, (to be built little by little)
y de los frutos (and from the fruits)
que compren los material se acabe, (purchase the material to finish it)
y sea dicho Colegio (and the such School be)
para leer Artes y Tecnólogia y otras Ciencias. (for reading the Arts and Technology and other Sciences.)

Fragmento de su testamento (fragment of his will), 5 de abril 1563

More photos of the School of Saint Thomas to come in the following days.

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