Holy Week Elements: The Making of the Carpets

Semana Santa Elements: The Making of Carpets

I want to thank Byron Ortiz for allowing me to use his photos of Semana Santa (Holy Week), so we can better understand the Holy Week Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala.

This week we are running a mini-series: Elements of the Holy Week Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala and its world-famous Semana Santa.

The making of carpets from sawdust, pine-needles, flowers, vegetables is a community-forming tradition. People get together by block or near-by neighbors to create the carpets on which the processions will pass by. Sometimes the making of the carpets is done at night, all night so they are ready for next day’s procession.

You can check LD’s Holy Week Survival Guide for other details and relevant information regarding Semana Santa in Guatemala, including the trips to the beach. Didn’t I tell you the beach is very close to Antigua? About 1 hour’s driving time. Heck I even showed you a satellite map view of Southern Guatemala (check below the caption for the volcanoes).

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