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La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo’s Top 12 of 2007

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala:
For starters there are many things that make New Year’s Eve similar and different than Christmas’ Eve. If Christmas’ Eve is celebrated with the family at home at your parents’ home; New Year’s Eve can be celebrated anywhere: a discotheque, a park, the beach or La Calle del Arco, a popular venue in La Antigua Guatemala

Kites flying over the graveyards of Guatemala

It’s Kite Season in Guatemala

The chilly winds blowing from the true north create the conditions for flying colorful kites over the skyline of Guatemala. Come and …

Antigua Guatemala's Skyline: Volcán de Fuego

Antigua Guatemala’s Skyline: Volcán de Fuego

The always erupting Fuego volcano can be found in the southwest of the skyline of Antigua Guatemala. Next to Fuego is the two craters of Acatenango volcano. As I said yesterday, one never gets tired fo these skyline vistas. Enjoy!

Handmade Sign from Antigua Guatemala — Helados Cool

Handmade Sign from Antigua Guatemala — Helados Cool

We continue our mini series of of handmade signs of Antigua Guatemala with this wooden and metal sign for Helados Cool. How much creativity one can find in the handmade signs of this enchanting town, don’t you agree?

Handmade Sign from Antigua Guatemala — Coco Bambu

Handmade Sign from Antigua Guatemala — Coco Bambu

I believe this is the wooden sign for a Guatemalan Caribbean-Garífuna restaurant located on 6a avenida norte. I still haven’t try their food, but it is on my list for the Friday’s Foodie Spots. Stay tuned!