Mobile Library Chicken Bus

Mobile Library Chicken Bus

Chicken buses is the derogatory term used in many guides to refer to the rural public transportation buses in Guatemala and in many parts of Latin America. Chicken buses are the improved version and second wind for the retired school buses.

Here is an interesting twist for the infamous chicken bus. Turn it into a bibliobús or mobile library bus so you can take the books to the communities that lack a library. For now, they have two bibliobuses, but I believe they will need a whole fleet to cover all the communities that do not have a library in Guatemala.

Now I know where I will be donating my next batch of books. The two mobile library buses belong to the Non-Government Organization (NGO) Probigua, which stands for Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala (Libraries Project of Guatemala). Come back in the next few days to learn more about the project and to see the inside of a “chicken bus”.

Countdown side note: 5 more days to May 1st. I want to thank all the comments and feedback along the 361 days. They are a real encouragement to do a better job. So far these are the numbers. 371 posts, 2,260 comments, 42 catergories, 1,284 incoming links and 208,214 visits. Not too bad for a first year, don’t you think?

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