Façade of the Ciudad Vieja Cathedral

Ciudad Vieja Cathedral

Okay, I am overwhelmed by such positive feedback regarding the one-year anniversary and the work done thus far. I don’t have the vocabulary at my disposal to let you know how grateful I am to hear (read) your kind words. Perhaps the best response is to continue the photographic journey and to strive at improving the ride, both ways visually and in the written form.

One of the best photographic tips in my arsenal came from my girlfriend. She said to always try to include something alive in the picture; photography should be about life. So, I try to get the light and perspective that works best and then I wait for the human element to complete the puzzle. Also, I normally like to show the contrast of size between this old building and the humans that use them. The juxtaposition of people against the massive church buildings works well to show the scale.

With the introductory paragraph above I present to you the façade of the Ciudad Vieja Cathedral on one corner and a man and his child in the opposite corner with a deep blue sky as backdrop. This shot is very similar to Antigua’s Cathedral at Sunset which showed a massive cathedral in one corner and a tiny bike rider in the opposite corner with an even deeper blue sky.

The Ciudad Vieja Cathedral was founded in 1534, just a few years after the arrival of the Spaniards. Pretty old structures as Jerry put it; with rich historic values. You can see the main dome of this cathedral here.

Have I told you why I started the Antigua Guatemala DP on May 1st?

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