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Adobe Façade of Old House

It’s incredible to still find old house in Antigua Guatemala that were built with adobe blocks. I have thought most of these …

Façade of Iglesia de San Gaspar by Rudy Giron

Façade of Iglesia de San Gaspar

After several previous tries I believe I have captured the essence of this tiny colonial church in San Gaspar Vivar. Sometimes it …

Antigua Hangouts: Parque Central by Rudy Giron

Antigua Guatemala Hangouts

There are many hangouts in Antigua Guatemala such cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, parks, ruins, etc., but Parque Central or main plaza is …

Entrance to Iglesia El Calvario by Rudy Giron

Entrance to Iglesia El Calvario

El Calvario or Calvary (Golgotha) is the name of the mount on the outskirts of Jerusalem where it’s believed that Jesus Christ …

Casa de los Pasos in Antigua

This façade belongs to self-titled Casa de los Paso on Calle de los Pasos (Street of the Steps). You can see several …

Café No Sé Façade in La Antigua Guatemala

This is the façade of Café No Sé in La Antigua Guatemala, headquarters of the John Rexer’s 1a avenida sur empire. His efforts to take control over the whole 1a avenida sur (1st Avenue South) are a little more humble than Pinky and The Brain Gutiérrez who want the whole world to convert to their tender, juicy and crunchy recipe of fried chicken. 😉