McDonald’s Patio and Garden in La Antigua Guatemala

McDonald's Garden in La Antigua Guatemala

Believe it or not, the McDonald’s restaurant in La Antigua Guatemala is very nice place to meet for coffee with friends and family —I swear I haven’t sold my soul, yet—. In the patio, which runs along the length of the restaurant, there are tables all around the garden and fountain. The floors of the patio have a layer of cobblestones, green islands with flowers and bushes of irregular shape break the space up. If you seat on the north side and you look south, you can see Water Volcano (Volcán de Agua) in the farthest background and the San Jacinto Ruins just at the end of the lot. If you seat in the south, like the girl on the right of the frame, you can see the Spanish red-tile roof tops, fountain, clown and short trees. The whole atmosphere there is serene and if you happen to order a cup of rich Guatemalan java juice from the gourmet coffee bar —watch out Starbucks— and pick up the morning newspaper, you can almost forget that nearby there is the most grotesque thing the Western culture has come up with, as Anna put it, while referring to the scary, ugly, hideous and gross clown.

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