Santo Hermano Pedro Park in La Antigua Guatemala

Santo Domingo Park in La Antigua Guatemala

To be honest, I am not sure this is Santo Domingo Park. It is the Santo Domingo Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt statue and it is sort of a park, so I put two and two together. If I am mistaken I sure I will be told right away by the people that know better.

Can you name the volcano in the background and give us its height?

Tomorrow we will start a series requested by Sompopo a few times. I armed myself with lots of courage and I went inside. Stay tune!

Disclosure side note: I am not a photographer, much less a good photographer. I am a cheater; that is what I am. Let me explain. As an art director for Revue and Recrearte magazines I get to see hundreds or thousands of images and photos about many places in Guatemala, including La Antigua Guatemala. So it is easy for me to see what is photographed the most and what angles most people chose. So when I go out with my camera I try to avoid all the common angles and to stay away from the most obvious shots and the most popular photos. See I take shots like today’s with that information in the back of mind and so I come through with what may seem like an original image; well, maybe it is, at least I haven’t seen it. There you have it, I have disclosed my way of approaching photography in La Antigua Guatemala.

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