Marimba Music at Calle del Arco in Antigua

Marimba Playing in Calle del Arco

The marimba (pronunciation) has to be Guatemala’s most popular musical instrument. It is found in every single town’s fair, party and cultural event (almost). La Marimba, as it’s known in Spanish, is a type of xylophone with various origins. Guatemala claims to be THE origin of the marimba and, I believe, it is Guatemala’s National Music Instrument. For sure, Guatemala was indeed one of the origins of this particular percussion instrument and its sound.

Marimba music is so deeply rooted into the Guatemalan psyche that even the few of us that do not like it, recognize it and feel it; especially if we are abroad, as far as Kinshasa, Congo or in the good old U.S.A. For sure, you can hear marimba music on Calle del Arco on the weekends in La Antigua Guatemala.

For those chapines living abroad and for those who do not know what marimba music sounds like, I leave you with two samples of Guatemalan marimba music below. Dancing with the person nearest to you is allowed and encouraged. You can also check out a video clip of the marimba band playing at La Fonda de la Calle Real on the weekend in La Antigua Guatemala thanks to Xeni Jardin.

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