Chicken Buses are The Second Life of School Buses

Chicken Buses are The Second Life of School Buses

Unless you have taken the path of La Marche de l’empereur, you haven’t heard about how everyone is living a virtual second life through a community web site. Well, old and retired school buses from the U.S. get to live a real second life as camionetas (the street name for public transit buses in Guatemala). Revue Magazine had an in-depth article about The Birth of a Camioneta (available as a PDF download) which detailed step-by-step how an old retired school bus became a powerful camioneta ready for the curvy roads of the mountain ranges of Guatemala. It is a great read and I recommend that you download the PDF to learn about the shops that make the miracle. The article is between the pages 1-33 in case you don’t want to download the whole magazine.

It is at one of this reconstruction shops, that an old and retired school bus from the use get its powerful second wind to ride in the roller-coaster roads of Guatemala. Interestingly enough, there are quite a few shops around La Antigua Guatemala that make the miracle of transforming the old yellow buses into the colorful exotic rides known derogatorily as chicken buses.

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