Chicalote’s Flower and Seed Cocoon

Chicalote's Flower and Seed Cocoon

Okay, sometimes when you are too close to the trees, you can not see the forest. With two previous macro photos you were able to get real close to the flower of the Chicalote’s plant and to the seed cocoon. By stepping a bit further, now you get the chance to see both of them in context.

Further in the background, you see the leaves of one of Guatemala’s most edible weeds: Quilete (also known as yerba mora and macuy). Yerba Mora is the weed in the background with the tiny yellow flowers. Guatemalans’ diet include many weeds and herbs. I will list them here as a sort of to do list and to see if other Guatemalans can help with translating some of the names. Guatemala’s most edible weed goes by the name of Chipilí­n and it used in so many dishes like chuchitos, mixed with rice, with chicken in a creamy white sauce. Other weeds, that I remember right now, are Bledo (young green amaranth), Berro, Acelgas (chard), Espinacas (spinach), Loroco, Flor de Izote, Flor de ayote. I am sure this is only a fraction of the list… can you point out other weeds and herbs I left out.

I am sure the previous list will awake long-time dormant memories and smells in many Guatemalans living abroad right now. To exacerbate their nostalgic pain, I will try to photograph all of these weeds and herbs cooked in delicious dishes. What a nice guy I am… right?

Statistical Side Note: The entry 500 went by without me realizing it on September 1st. Today we are at entry 503. Boy oh boy, I did not think I could even maintain this rhythm for 30 days. I second Sompopo’s introspection: Where does time go? I want to thank all of you for supporting me through all your wonderful feedback and comments and for riding along with me in this camioneta (chicken bus) tour around La Antigua Guatemala. Make sure you have your pasaje en mano, mientras se mueven para atrás porque dónde caben tres caben cuatro.

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