The Roads Around Antigua Guatemala

Pedestrians on the Road

From the Guateflora series we take a different road to show you the lush roads around La Antigua Guatemala. By the way, the roads that communicate La Antigua Guatemala with the rest of the ‘real’ Guatemala are some of the best in the country, if not the best; they are kept in better conditions than the rest of the roads around Guatemala.

Some of the readers have tried to pegged me with a specific color, which I think, is more their liking than mine. I have said nothing. For instance, Lessie thought that my favorite color was yellow and Manolo mentioned that I was in my red period. But if you come often to this site, you will know that I am a Panza Verde at heart, even though I am from GuateCity. See it is impossible not to like green in Guatemala, especially when there are a million shades of green.

The etymology of the name Guatemala has the source for all this greenery. I have touched this subject a couple of times in Wood used as fuel in Antigua and Wood Handicrafts and the Mahogany Side Note. Here’s a quote from the original entry on May 25th, 2006.

The name Guatemala derives from the word Goathemala which was given by the Spanish conquistadors and it derives from Quauhtlemallan a word from the Nahualt language spoken by the Tlaxcala’s natives that accompanied the conquistadors. Quauhtlemallan was a direct translation from the Mayan language’s Quiche or Iximche which more or less translates to the land of many trees or forests. This was long-winded explanation to bring forth the fact that this land has been a powerful lung for earth for a very long time; thanks to its many forests.

As you can see, green is the most prominent color in the Guatemalan rainbow and my favorite color; heck! I even use it in this site (but not for long). 😉

Would you share with us what is your favorite color from the color palette of La Antigua Guatemala and why?

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